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IT chargeback/showback and SaaS

In this post I’d like to approach the issue of whether and how Software as a Service (delivered of course through cloud technology – don’t let them tell you otherwise!) can assist an organization implement an IT chargeback / showback strategy. For those that haven’t heard the terms before, IT chargeback is the methodology or [...]

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IBM Cloud as a growth engine for business

Cloud as a Growth Engine for Business  Companies that are effectively applying disruptive technologies like cloud computing, are outmaneuvering their competitors, delivering new products and services to market more quickly, driving new economics, and transforming entire industries and business models in the process. Determining the correct strategy and mix of cloud delivery models has become [...]

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The binding nature of SLA

The cloud business brings some very interesting and unique characteristics in the way customers and vendors are engaging: For the first time in computer history massive amounts of data are processed and stored outside the physical boundaries of the enterprise (its LAN or WAN). Also, vendor companies can reside thousand miles away from the customer [...]

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SaaS ecosystems as business enablers

In general, a multi-tenant SaaS product creates an ecosystem of users whoshare similar functionality, experience and also technical infrastructure. Today, we shall investigate if and how a SaaS environment can be used not only as a means to execute daily tasks but also as a business enabler for the on-board users. The basic idea is [...]

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Embracing the inevitability of the Cloud for Healthcare Organizations

In this interview style presentation, Karl Strohmeyer, North America Group Vice President and Maggie Chan Jones, Senior Vice President of North America Marketing will discuss the increasingly important role of the network in today’s distributed data center and cloud environments and how an organization’s network infrastructure can impact end to end application performance. Healthcare organizations [...]

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Mechanizing large sales networks

These days, there is a lot of discussion around the benefits that could software has on Small/Medium Enterprises (SMEs); and it does! But today, let’s focus on another area that SaaS could have great impact on: the case of large sales networks. First of all, let’s define the object of our focus: A large sales [...]

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Information Growth and Big Data in the Cloud; An Exclusive Cloud Slam’12 Panel Session


This panel session at Cloud Slam 2012 explores latest big trend in cloud computing – Big Data. An expert line up of panelists discuss core themes including analytics, information governance, data archiving, and compliance, whilst showcasing real world uses cases of how cloud is helping to crunch and streamline big data. Moderator:  Bud Porter Roth [...]

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Agile Business Cloud Platform – Fabasoft Keynote at Cloud Slam 2012


Companies want more than just reduced costs. They want improved operational agility, optimized business flexibility and faster delivery of new functions and features. B2B collaboration is a key area where innovation can drive true business value. This keynote, complete with real-world examples, gives an overview of Fabasoft’s sophisticated offering for organizations that want to benefit [...]

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Cloud Infrastructure Panel Discussion – Cloud Slam 2012


This panel session looks at where cloud computing currently is from a network equipment manufacturer (NEM’s) perspectives as well as provide future outlook. Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Enterasys expand on Convergence, Standards, Consolidation, Interoperability, Data Center strategies, as well as end-user case studies showcasing real world examples of efficiencies realized through use of the cloud are [...]

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Private PaaS is NOT an Oxymoron! Cloud Slam 2012 Keynote by Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState


Private PaaS is NOT an Oxymoron Some public-cloud enthusiasts look to spread FUD about private cloud, suggesting it doesn’t deliver value like a public cloud alternative. Some have even gone so far as to call private cloud an oxmoron! In this presentation, ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland refutes that petty argument, and discusses how the private [...]

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