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Embracing the inevitability of the Cloud for Healthcare Organizations

In this interview style presentation, Karl Strohmeyer, North America Group Vice President and Maggie Chan Jones, Senior Vice President of North America Marketing will discuss the increasingly important role of the network in today’s distributed data center and cloud environments and how an organization’s network infrastructure can impact end to end application performance. Healthcare organizations [...]

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Cloud Infrastructure Panel Discussion – Cloud Slam 2012


This panel session looks at where cloud computing currently is from a network equipment manufacturer (NEM’s) perspectives as well as provide future outlook. Cisco, Alcatel-Lucent, and Enterasys expand on Convergence, Standards, Consolidation, Interoperability, Data Center strategies, as well as end-user case studies showcasing real world examples of efficiencies realized through use of the cloud are [...]

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Private PaaS is NOT an Oxymoron! Cloud Slam 2012 Keynote by Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState


Private PaaS is NOT an Oxymoron Some public-cloud enthusiasts look to spread FUD about private cloud, suggesting it doesn’t deliver value like a public cloud alternative. Some have even gone so far as to call private cloud an oxmoron! In this presentation, ActiveState CEO Bart Copeland refutes that petty argument, and discusses how the private [...]

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Accelerating Time to Market with Next Generation Cloud Platforms by Michael McCarthy, VP of IBM – Cloud Slam 2012 Keynote


Business leaders are faced with enormous pressure to accelerate time to market for new products and services while controlling costs. Success requires rapid access to IT infrastructure, storage, and virtual server environments. IT resource provisioning should be dynamic and self service for application development teams. Platforms are required that enable organizations to rapidly develop, deploy, [...]

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Designed for teams, built for the web by Michael Lock, Vice President, Americas at Google Enterprise; Cloud Slam 2012 Keynote

web building

Cloud Slam 2012 Closing Keynote delivered by Michael Lock – Vice President, Americas at Google Enterprise. The cloud is revolutionizing the way people work together, allowing businesses to create new value by accelerating collaboration and innovation. We’ll explore how products designed for teams and built for the web truly enable people to work better together. [...]

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Exclusive Interview with Michael McCarthy VP of Cloud Computing at IBM taken at Cloud Slam 2012 Conference


We caught up with Michael McCarthy VP of Cloud Computing at IBM during Cloud Slam 2012 to get an exclusive interview on his / IBM’s views on the cloud. Mike discusses how IBM is aligning cloud with business around three core areas: Cloud Foundations, Cloud Managed Services, Cloud Solutions which are all covered in this [...]

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Shine a light on “Shadow IT”: Taking control of usage and spending in the cloud by Sharon Wagner, CEO and Founder of Cloudyn


The ease to set up a cloud deployment–done with little more than a credit card and an internet connection– has resulted in a decentralization of IT management for many enterprises. This booming “Shadow IT” environment creates a host of management and cost issues for enterprises and usually leaves IT departments holding the bag. Very quickly, [...]

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Navigating Within a world of many Clouds – Cisco Keynote at Cloud Slam 2012


With the emergence of cloud as a mainstream phenomenon, organizations have an opportunity to transform their existing solutions and expand their service offerings to excel in a world of many clouds. This session will explore Cisco CloudVerse and how unifying the data center, leveraging the intelligence in the network, and incorporating cloud-ready solutions can improve [...]

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What customers want the cloud to be – Jason Waxman GM at Intel, Cloud Slam 2012 Headline Keynote


Opening Cloud Slam 2012 keynote session delivered by Jason Waxman GM Cloud Infrastructure group at Intel. This Keynote session explores what customers using the cloud really want the cloud to be. Jason’s talks looks at 4 trends pertaining to cloud opportunity growth: Overcoming Security Concerns Proliferation of Devices Big Data is Exploding and its impact [...]

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THE CRM Lottery

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‘Will you get the outcome you expect or will you be one of the losers?’ By Ian Moyse – Sales Director, www.workbooks.com Eurocloud UK Board Member & Cloud Industry Forum Governance Board Member Let’s discuss a couple of the heavyweight C words in the IT Sector, Cloud and CRM. What do they have in common? [...]

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