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The State of Cloud Computing Today The Tires Have Been Kicked… or have they?

tire kicked

Sure there’s lots of hype about cloud computing but what’s really going on? Are enterprises really investing in public clouds? Are they really building private clouds? If you are under pressure to get to yes on cloud and need to know if you are behind (and how to catch up), then this is the session [...]

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Trac-Research Panel: Integrated Data Center Monitoring – Merging Silo’s & Bridging On-Premise with Cloud Services

Scott Gordon

Cloud computing and virtualization present tremendous opportunities for IT as a utility in regards to provisioning, capacity and application delivery. At the same time, the variety of technologies, degree of automation, distribution of tiered applications and lack of cloud visibility can introduce data center complexity, service reliability issues and business risk. To take advantage of [...]

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Navigating the “FOG” of Cloud computing.

Over the past few years the various cloud services have been ‘rolling in’, and now that Microsoft and Google have decided to do battle in the Cloud they are changing the game for everyone. It’s not that either company will revolutionanize this market or develop that next killer application, what they bring to the table [...]

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Panel Topic: Cloud-scale ERP on-demand supporting 500,000 users with SAP, T-Systems, and NetApp

SAP, T-Systems, and NetApp are collaborating on a proposal for a panel at CloudSlam focused on the following themes: How to extend the SAP installed base with the new technology and economics of on-demand applications at the “edge” How SAP is rebuilding under the covers in order to minimize customer disruption for on-demand deployment but [...]

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Eucalyptus: The Open Source Infrastructure for Cloud Computing

We will present Eucalyptus — Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your Programs to Useful Systems — an open source software infrastructure that implements IaaS-style cloud computing. The goal of Eucalyptus is to allow sites with existing clusters and server infrastructure to host an elastic computing service that is interface-compatible with Amazon’s AWS, but can [...]

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How to implement a Profitable Chargeback Model in the Cloud

In the cloud, you really want to charge your customers on utilization of resources. Customer needs are very dynamic so it has to be run like utility computing. Old paradigm of charging customers per physical box or per VM really no longer applies. The old model is not going to scale. Customers do not want [...]

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Operations in the Enterprise Cloud: Fully Automating Provisioning and Operations

Join Dr. Gregory Smith for a lively presentation and discussion about T-Systems latest major design release and services upgrade to the T-Systems Dynamic Services Enterprise Cloud platform, including the key strategic business, technology and design decisions for virtualizing applications across multiple platforms; automated provisioning, operations and workflow using automation tools and techniques; as well as [...]

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