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Navigating Within a world of many Clouds – Cisco Keynote at Cloud Slam 2012


With the emergence of cloud as a mainstream phenomenon, organizations have an opportunity to transform their existing solutions and expand their service offerings to excel in a world of many clouds. This session will explore Cisco CloudVerse and how unifying the data center, leveraging the intelligence in the network, and incorporating cloud-ready solutions can improve [...]

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The Cloud Computing Paradigm: Transforming Business, Technology and Industry


The world is getting smarter – more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. At the same time, IT leaders are faced with the challenge to do more and support aggressive business growth, while reducing costs. Business leaders feel pressure to initiate new revenue streams, drive faster time to market for new services and meet changing customer expectations. [...]

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ITU Cloud Focus Group is Terminated


According to ITU’s Telecommunication Standardization Bureau official (TSB Circular 261), “The Focus Group on Cloud Computing had successfully completed its work; its mandate was terminated, and that this work should continue in the study groups in order to prepare the necessary ITU-T Recommendations on this important issue.”. Successor of this focus group would be Study [...]

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The Porsche Cloud Experience program streams cloud tunes


NewBay Software provides an innovative SyncDrive cloud solution deployed by operators around the world. The solution is already available on Porche 911, watch the Mobile World Congress 2012 demo below for more details:   Acquired by RIM Blackberry in 2011, Newbay offers mobile operators a white label cloud content solution for consumers. Consumers can store [...]

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Cloud Computing: The Transformative Power of Everything-as-a-Service.


  As the economy continues to add new pressures to businesses everywhere, organizations are working to find more ways to become nimble in order to successfully compete in today’s market. With all the advancements in IT technology, how can companies balance costs while making smart investments? Streamline processes while focusing on serving customers better? Join [...]

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Everything as a Service


Verizon is leading the industry toward an “everything-as-a-service” (EaaS) model where cloud-based converged solutions are securely delivered through managed and professional services over the company’s global IP network. Verizon is assembling the key components of that unique and powerful approach to serving enterprises. The EaaS platform – with Verizon’s global IP network and data centers [...]

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Vision to Action – Cloud 2015

vision to action

With substantial growth in cloud services, over 2.5 billion connected users, more than 1000 exabytes of internet traffic and 15 billion devices accessing cloud services by 2015, transforming datacenters to support this growth can be complex. To address the challenges facing IT and realize significant benefits of cloud computing, it’s essential that cloud solutions are open, interoperable and built on standards.

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The Combination of Cloud & UC&C: Delivering the Promise of Unified Communications & Collaboration as a Service

unified communications

Unified Communications and Collaboration is a complex area combining the IP world with the traditional TDM world enabling the unification of real and non-realtime communications and collaboration tools and infrastructure in a way that will enhance the user experience to help achieve business goals of productivity and simplification. Virtualizing these applications and offering them in a consumable way provides enterprises a new and innovative way of addressing the needs of their business. Verizon’s product directors will explore with you the current UCC marketplace, discuss how UCC fits in the cloud world, define and demonstrate Verizon’s UCC cloud solutions.

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Opening Up a Wave of Innovation


The cloud has driven massive innovation in the technology industry in the past five years, but a limited set of proprietary vendors have realized the majority of the benefits. Now OpenStack and other open source cloud initiatives are driving a new wave of opportunity for developers, integrators and IT professionals. As service providers and enterprises move from a locked-in world of expensive licenses and tightly controlled stacks to viable open source solutions, the time is right to capitalize on the business and technology opportunities presented.

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Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things


In the cloud, as in your investment portfolio, diversification is a good thing. The existence of multiple service providers with the ability to offer consistent software solutions and a solid infrastructure stack is a tremendous benefit to application developers, ISVs, telcos, MSPs and hosting services. In this talk, Joyent CEO David Young, will expose the [...]

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