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Unlocking the Value of the Human Genome


Two weeks ago, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Amazon Web Services, jointly announced the launch of the world’s largest data set on human genetic variation through the Amazon Cloud platform. This initiative is the by-product of the 1000 Genomes Project, and serves as a testimony of the desire of the US government to [...]

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Government Clouds: Progress, Insights and Remaining Challenges (Coming Down to Earth)


Government is exploring a wide variety of cloud computing approaches to cut costs, improve operations, provide transparency, and engage citizens. Prior successes, such as Recovery.gov and cloud e-mail procurements, have led to the U.S. Federal government’s detailed cloud implementation Roadmap for the “Cloud First” policy. The Cloud First policy has been operational for a year, [...]

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Cloud Computing in Public Healthcare – Where Are We?


The Potential of Cloud Computing in US Public Healthcare The US public healthcare system is undergoing a tremendous transformation process through the realization of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and the enactment of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act that champions the implementation and meaningful use of health information technology. This [...]

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Towards Multi-Dimensional, Policy-Based Management of Cloud Computing Environments


For organizations accustomed to tight control and measurement of internal IT resources, the advent of cloud computing presents an immediate challenge to established practice. Although a cloud service provider may have complete management of its own resources, that insight is not necessarily extended to its organizational tenants. Even if a detailed view of the underlying infrastructure is shared, the tenant’s view will be more loosely coupled to the actual resources than its traditional interaction with internal IT, for instance as a result of virtualization. The challenge should in fact be considered a good thing, because it forces tenants and providers into a loosely coupled, policy-based management approach that formalizes the essential interface between tenant and provider. As organizations seek to adopt and leverage cloud computing , they can be impeded by lack of reliable and auditable management of all the dimensions of IT entrusted to the cloud provider. In this talk, I’ll describe the evolving technology capabilities required to enable the rapid adoption of cloud computing for mission-critical workload deployment.

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How the Cloud Helps Government Agencies Deliver More to Their Constituents


Today, more than ever, Federal, State and Local government are experiencing tremendous pressure to show productivity and transparency. To add to matters, all too often they are working with fewer funds and smaller staffs, on increasingly demanding problems. As example, the City of Miami saw its 2010 budget fall by 28%, and its staff downsized [...]

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The Government Cloud: Creating a 21st Century Citizen Experience


Faced with shrinking IT budgets, government agencies are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. Cloud solutions, specifically Software as a Service (SaaS), help government agencies improve performance, transparency and collaboration, as well as save costs, without compromising security. In fact, Vivek Kundra’s 25-Point Plan’s “Cloud-First” Policy mandates that agencies select three programs that could potentially move to the cloud within six months and move one of these programs to the cloud within 12 months.

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Bunker Busting: Government and the Cloud

bunker busting

This presentation is designed to help attendees understand government IT’s hopes and fears of cloud services. Government IT departments have unique concerns from their private sector counterparts. This presentation illustrates how the City of Portland’s IT department thinks about the opportunities and obstacles of cloud services. Understanding and overcoming core obstacles such as a lack [...]

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Capability Based IT Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management

Unity of effort is a time proven principle of war that is only achieved when priorities for resources are properly aligned. Resources that must be aligned span the spectrum of doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, and facilities. USTRANSCOM as the DoD Distribution Process Owner (DPO) is uniting two key DoD policies to [...]

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Financial Management Services Cloud


With the new administration there is plenty of discussion around accountability, compliance and financial responsibility, but few agencies have been able to point to public successes.

Government transformation, critically needed in financial management, can be implemented within federal agencies with the right solution. Utilizing tools such as a commercial Shared Service Provider for government agencies in a cloud computing-based solution will allow an agency to drive efficiencies in financial management and compliance, with a seamless transition from an existing environment to a new solution. Ultimately, the solution will enable an agency to focus on its core mission.

We can provide a case study on how a cloud, SSP-based financial management solution was implemented with the Department of Labor in just 18 months; with no disruption of work and under a strategic Change Management focus.

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Cloud Computing in the Canadian Federal Government

Mr. Danek is the Chief Technical Officer of the organization responsible for shared IT Services. His presentation outlines the current position of the Canadian Federal Governments migration to a cloud infrastructure.

The Canadian Government is composed of some 144 departments with over 120,000 Wintel and Unix servers. Currently there are over 100 data centers nationally with much duplication.

Initial steps include the implementation of a cross departmental governance structure, virtualization standards and the enabling components of a high speed shared network infrastructure. The presentation includes the terms and definitions of the various deployment models as well as some discussion on the security concerns and proposed architectures. In addition, Mr. Danek is deploying a pull based vision based on signficant value based cloud applications such as collaboration and directory services include centralized authorization and authentications services.

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