The Cloud Computing Paradigm: Transforming Business, Technology and Industry

The world is getting smarter – more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. At the same time, IT leaders are faced with the challenge to do more and support aggressive business growth, while reducing costs. Business leaders feel pressure to initiate new revenue streams, drive faster time to market for new services and meet changing customer expectations. With cloud computing, business and IT can create and deliver value in fundamentally new ways by removing IT boundaries, improving speed to market, and empowering users to drive innovation like never before. Next generation cloud platforms and new “as-a-service” industry solutions are emerging to help shape this innovation. Come join Mike Hill, IBM Vice President Enterprise Initiatives, to hear the latest on cloud computing adoption and how companies are exploiting for business advantage.

By Mike Hill – Vice President Enterprise Initiatives of IBM 

Author`s Bio:  Mike Hill is Vice President of Enterprise Initiatives for IBM, responsible for the development and delivery of new IT technologies and services. With an initial focus on Cloud Computing, Mike is leading the IBM sales, services, and business development teams to provide a portfolio of Cloud-delivered solutions for clients. Prior to this position, Mike was General Manager of IBM Global Telecommunications Industry, working with IBM clients to help them succeed in a converging ecosystem. By embracing open standards and end-to-end integration, Mike believes that telecommunications companies can increase their ability to sustain value and compete in a changing market. Other positions have included Vice President of Business Transformation and Chief Information Officer responsible for IBM’s global voice and data infrastructure and application development. Mike also was a member of the executive team managing IBM’s internal transformation to an e-business in the 1990’s, an initiative which helped turn IBM’s business into a new model of growth in the 21st century. Prior to this, Mike held many sales and executive management positions including General Manager of IBM Southeast and South Asia. Mike earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Florida and joined IBM in 1978.

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  • DR Shaw

    This isn’t too far of the mark. Why the Cloud? To simplify IT operations, IT Service Management, and IT workload management.

    For an application to be deployed in a typical IT department, there are several processes/steps that must be followed that take weeks or even months before a server is production ready. Let’s take a look at a few derailers to business agility; business case document that must be created and approved, a design and architectural review, funding approval, service ticket created for a technician to install a server, OS installation, security hardening, and then some level of troubleshooting before the server is ready for the application team. These normal business processes stifle business innovation and create IT delivery and workload management issues:

    – Backlogged client request by weeks or months
    – Multiple, overlapping tools and teams to architect, design, and deploy an application
    – Deploying workloads based on gut feeling instead of workload intelligence

    The Proper Cloud Advantage

    Companies are liberated from compute silos of resource constraints within their current IT infrastructure.

    – Improve business agility
    – Increase speed to market
    – Enable rapid workload deployment
    – Accessibility to companies of all sizes
    – Optimize IT cost with Syntelli’s hosted solutions

    Thanks for letting me post!

    DR Shaw

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