Comprehensive List of Cloud Platforms (PaaS)

Number of cloud platform (PaaS) offerings is increasing every day and it became quite a challenge to keep them all in mind, so I started an open for editing spreadsheet that is updated by the cloud enthusiasts every day. As of March 2012 it contains a list of 67 platforms with following information:

  • Name and Description
  • Language(s)  supported – Java,  .NET,  Python,  PHP,  Ruby,  Javascript,  Perl, C++, Groovy, Node.js, COBOL, GO, Apex
  • Frameworks Supported
  • Website
  • Development Status
  • Twitter
  • Vendor Name
  • Number of Developers
  • Number of applications
  • Maturity in years
  • Billing Model
  • Performance Metrics  - Tenant Density, Environment Utilization, Scale Time Lag, Self-Service Efficiency
  • Geographical Location of Physical Infrastructure - Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Rest of the world
  • Number of outages
  • Who is using it
  • User Rating (1-10)
  • Comments

The document also contains a second worksheet with mobile platforms, IaaS and storage platforms.

If you find that some platform is missing, feel free to add your bit at


Short URL: http://vertical-cloud.com/?p=2989

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