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As the cloud moves to the forefront of corporate computing objectives all corporate CIOs are scratching their head with one question: How will my legacy on-premise systems co-exist with my new systems in the cloud? An effective handshake between these computing environments is essential to ensure the success of a hybrid cloud and on-premise architecture. Learn how Star Command Center solves the dilemma and bridges the environments so that all systems regardless of location are seamlessly automated and provide all the audit, compliance, security and self-service needed to confidently operate in the cloud.


About Speaker
Quinlan Eddy is the CEO & Founder of Star Analytics, a venture backed, privately held software company headquartered in San Mateo California. In his role as CEO, he has shaped the Cloud software platform that is changing the way major corporations automate and integrate their Business Intelligence (BI) applications. Quinlan has built his career around the BI space, starting with Arbor Software prior to its IPO and through its merger with Hyperion. He has over 18 years of Business Intelligence experience helping major global corporations guide their BI and enterprise application deployments. Quinlan holds five BI-related professional certifications and earned a BS in Business Administration from the University of Vermont.


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