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Trac-Research Panel: Integrated Data Center Monitoring – Merging Silo’s & Bridging On-Premise with Cloud Services

Scott Gordon

Cloud computing and virtualization present tremendous opportunities for IT as a utility in regards to provisioning, capacity and application delivery. At the same time, the variety of technologies, degree of automation, distribution of tiered applications and lack of cloud visibility can introduce data center complexity, service reliability issues and business risk. To take advantage of [...]

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Navigating the “FOG” of Cloud computing.

Over the past few years the various cloud services have been ‘rolling in’, and now that Microsoft and Google have decided to do battle in the Cloud they are changing the game for everyone. It’s not that either company will revolutionanize this market or develop that next killer application, what they bring to the table [...]

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How to Control Costs in the Cloud: Strategies and Tactics for Smarter Spending

No organization can afford to waste dollars on purchases that do not support immediate business needs. That’s partly why Cloud Computing is having such a big moment, right? But it’s not just a moment. It’s not just a trend. This a game changer, and the changes will endure. During this session, Coupa CEO Rob Bernshteyn [...]

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Scalable Shards

Authors: Premsankar G, Sasikala R and Dr.Duraiswamy K, Cloud Usergroup India. Sharding is an important concept with respect to building scalable cloud applications. This presentation would cover basics of database sharding, techniques, issues, sample usecase analysis and right solutions to implement scalable and economical shards.

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Application Acceleration in the Cloud

The emergence of cloud computing is driving a new demand for application delivery solutions, but it is also changing the market landscape for this type of technology. As organizations are deploying cloud computing services to improve the flexibility and scalability of their infrastructures, they are expecting to achieve similar benefits from using load balancing and [...]

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Panel Topic: Cloud-scale ERP on-demand supporting 500,000 users with SAP, T-Systems, and NetApp

SAP, T-Systems, and NetApp are collaborating on a proposal for a panel at CloudSlam focused on the following themes: How to extend the SAP installed base with the new technology and economics of on-demand applications at the “edge” How SAP is rebuilding under the covers in order to minimize customer disruption for on-demand deployment but [...]

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Cloud marketing – The future of marketing

“Cloud” is the latest word in the present hi-tech era to which major organizations are today looking at. Research firm Gartner  (gartner.com) predicts that “cloud computing is expected to mature in seven years”. It has the potential to transform current business processes towards being more efficient and profitable especially when the world is reviving from [...]

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Cloud Computing – Taking the plunge

Cloud Computing is the very talked about buzzword of today. There have been a lot of discussions floating around on various topics related to cloud computing. This has also given rise to much confusion about Cloud. There is no element of doubt that by adopting Cloud Computing into their IT strategy, Enterprises are seeing a [...]

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Setting Up a Channel for the Cloud

As a Company specialized in recruiting and developing channel partners for IT Companies in EMEA and in the US, we have been confronted a number of times with the challenge of setting up the right channel for Cloud applications. At the end of the day we have to admit the obvious: this is a completely [...]

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Keeping Your Options Open, Even if the Cloud is Not.

Cloud computing is a major shift in the way applications and data are deployed and managed. Once you’ve chosen a cloud vendor, how do you avoid being locked in to a proprietary API or service? And even if you’re happy with your cloud provider, what happens when you partner with someone who uses a different [...]

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